Green Mama Benefit Auction

Contact for donations: Julie Ekstrom

The Cloth Diaper Foundation Fundraising Committee is in process of planning The Green Mama Benefit Auction, a fundraiser on Hyena Cart, set to begin on April 22nd—Earth Day.

The Cloth Diaper Foundation, formally Miracle Diapers, gives needy families cloth diapers and assists them with building their own cloth diaper stashes. They helped over 450 babies last year alone!

The auction will celebrate moms and Earth Day and we are looking for both mom and baby products. Would you be willing to donate an item, help a good cause and spread the word about your products and business?

We will be advertising through all of our social networking channels, on our website, through many natural family networks and will also be pairing donated products with a blogger who will write a feature about that item and your business.

Let me know if you have any questions, are interested in donating an item or helping The Cloth Diaper Foundation Auction in any way!

If you are interested in participating please contact Julie Ekstrom before March 26. Our deadline for completion is April 11 if you are planning on making a one of a kind item.

Thank you for your consideration.


Beth Flumignan, Cheeky Diapers
The Cloth Diaper Foundation Committee Chair

PS: We love collaborations—and so does our target audience—therefore if you are a member of a Congo or know other momma/baby retailers who you think would want to help us please forward this invitation on.

2 Responses
  1. Cherylyn Says:

    Check with Cottonwood Kids. They have a Healthy Baby Bounty Bag that's a hospital discharge bag designed specifically for breastfeeding moms. Here is their site: I called them and asked for some bags for a blog giveaway and they were very happy to send them to me. They're a small company compared to the formula companies that make the formula discharge bags, and they can really use the publicity :)

  2. Ohhh. I wish I could take part in this. I'm starting a natural soap line, beginning with baby soaps, but I just won't have a batch cured by April 11th. If you're doing anything else that you need donations for, please let me know and I will have enough time to make sure there is a batch ready to go!

    I'm also posting about The Cloth Diaper Foundation on my blog because I love what you're doing. When my babies are done with their diapers I'll be sure to donate some to you after I've passed some along, myself.