The Cloth Diaper Foundation GOODMAMA giveaway!!!

Have you been itching to try one of those amazingly fabulous Goodmama diapers???? Now, here is your chance...

In honor of our oodles of goodmamas, up for grabs is one Goodmama of your choice!

This diaper will be yours to keep! The winner will choose from any diaper at

How do you win??? Well, let me tell you! You win by guessing, without going over (The Price is Right rules, ya know!) how many actual diapers we The Cloth Diaper Foundation sent out to recipients since January 1, 2010!

Winner MUST "follow" and reply HERE on the blog! The winner will be announced on April 1!

88 Responses
  1. JennBell Says:

    5,564?? I have no clue lol

  2. Caren Says:
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  3. Caren Says:

    Ok... this is hard since I haven't been stalking..

    I'm probably going to be wayyyy off, but I'm going to guess... 1,496! That's enough to celebrate, but not so many that the special hyenacart ones wouldn't need to be stalked...

  4. Tasha Says:
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  5. Courtney Says:

    I have NO clue, lol. 1,253??

  6. Lisa J Says:

    Hey everyone,

    The question guess is for diapers that the cloth diaper foundation has sent out this year to date.. not Goodmama :)


  7. Anonymous Says:

    22,834 Diapers!

  8. 2,001 Price is right style!

  9. 2boysmama Says:

    Let's say 65 families with 2 dozen diapers each...1560. Final answer!

  10. Rachel Says:

    hmmm...I say 3000!

  11. Sherri Says:

    6,600 is my guess :-D

  12. Donna Says:

    I will guess 4,687

  13. Jen Says:

    Hmmm 3500 maybe?

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. sHandke ART Says:
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  16. Anonymous Says:

    I say 2992

  17. Ugh... I suck at this!!! Hmmmm... 1,501.

  18. Wow, I have no idea, but feel like I can't NOT guess...


  19. EarthMama Says:

    I could give you my math for calculating the number, but that may give other people

    My guess is.............2475 diapers

  20. deanna Says:

    50,000 diapers im prolly way off lol

  21. Well since Mrs. Lisa just stated she shipped over 500 dipes with several broken nails later,... Lol if she shipped 500 each month for the past 3 months thr would be 1500 BUT if she did a little more than that she probably shipped 1900 give or take a few! ;)

    Ps, thanks for going thu the pain of breaking nails to help us mamas out when your a super busy mom of your own. We know it's not easy and we are SO greatfull!!

  22. Nicole Says:

    2010 is my guess!

  23. kate Says:

    2,999 is my guess!
    beautyformyashes (@) hotmail (.) com

  24. karen Says:

    My guess is 1802. :)

  25. aleahdeann Says:

    I am going to guess 3024

  26. My guess is 6,785
    amymisha @ comcast . net

  27. Team Pitney Says:
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  28. Team Pitney Says:

    1,230 is my guess. : )
    elisha dot renee at gmail dot com

  29. oh gosh i don't know! I'm thinking 120 if you average 40/month :)

  30. Anonymous Says:

    my guess is 2,500

  31. Krista Lee Says:

    I may be sorely low-balling, but I guess 285.

  32. monique Says:

    I am going to say well over 12,000???????????????

  33. Heidi J Says:

    I'm going to guess 2, 748.

  34. Melissa Says:

    Hmmm this is hard....I'm going with 1897

  35. Amanda Says:

    I have no idea so I am going to guess 2,641

  36. Courtney Says:

    My guess would be 325 Goodmama diapers have been shipped since January.

  37. Kaylyn Says:

    This is hard! my guess is 1651! Yikes! I can't wait to hear the number.

  38. Anonymous Says:


  39. Courtney Says:

    Just wondering who won this give-away?? Did I miss the announcement?

  40. Tasha Says:

    I've been wondering this too...