GIVEAWAY: VOTE Daily for Roxy and Lisa - Mamavation Mom

Hey everyone! Lisa here!

As you know by now, Roxy and I are finalists for Campaign #5!

What is Mamavation?
Mamavation is a social experiment and weight loss campaign in social media with the goals of teaching moms healthy living lifestyle choices so they can share with their family. Mamavationis a two part campaign: (1) a virtual healthy living boot camp for two moms and (2) the home of the first virtual healthy living sorority in social media, the Sistahood.

Why do we want to win?
There are a couple of reasons we'd like to become the next Mamavation Moms. The first is because we want to get fit for our families. We know that getting healthy starts with the mom, and we're dedicated to changing our lives so that our families will not grow up to be obese! Another reason, is because we'd win a PERSONALized Weight loss and Fitness Bootcamp especially for us!! It doesn't hurt that there is a lot of swag involved! Here are the tools we'd win to help us during our Bootcamp!

Mamavation is sponsored by Earth Footwear Smooth Fitness and EA SPORTS Active. The Mamavation Moms will automatically receive the following for participation:
1. Two pairs of Earth Footwear--amazing heel technology allowing you to burn more calories with every step
2. An EA SPORTS Active
3. An EA SPORTS Active More Workouts after Nov. 17th
4. Treadmill 6.5 from Smooth Fitness
5. Sexy in 6, book by Tracey Mallett
6. Growing Up Healthy The Next Generation Way, Dr. Renna's book & workout DVD for children
7. Total Body Fat Burner, DVD by Tracey Mallett
8. Total Body Calorie Blast, DVD by Tracey Mallett
9. Gaiam, Tae Bo Amped , Tae Bo T3 series
10. A Gruve, personalized, scientifically proven gadget that enables healthy, sustainable weight loss

Why should you vote for us?
I haven't really done this much in my stint with The Cloth Diaper Foundation, and that is ask to give back, personally (and I feel really strange about writing this part!). We ask all the time for support, donations, money, posts, etc., but Roxy and I have worked really hard, along with the other volunteers of CDF to make sure that we help as many people as possible. We've donated a lot of blood, sweat, and time to help families get into cloth diapers. We never really asked for anything personally - until now. We'd love for you to take this opportunity to give us the must needed boost that we deserve!

How do you vote?
You can vote for each of us, once per day, per computer. The kicker is, you have to click both of our screen names on the ballot and then submit your vote! Just clicking on one name will only submit a vote for one of us, and you'll not be able to vote from that computer again til the following day! Go to, click @ljenator and @chobysauce and submit your vote!

What will you win?
We will be giving away THREE mystery boxes! Yes, you read that correctly, there will be THREE WINNERS!! Once we've chosen the winners via, we will ask for size and gender! Remember, this will be a Large Flat Rate Box full of awesome new and used cloth diapers!!

How do you enter?
You can enter by the following actions. Remember to comment after EACH action. If you do not comment, your entry will not be counted! Please make sure you comment the number of times per entry! If it says 5 entries, post 5 comments!

1. Vote for @chobysauce and @ljenator at (5 entries) Can do so once per day PER COMPUTER! (If you have more computers, you get more entries!)

2. Post this link to your friends list asking people to vote for us! (2 entries) If they vote, they can enter for you!

3. Like us on Facebook (1 entry)

4. Follow us on Twitter (1 entry)

4.1 Follow Roxy on Twitter (1 entry)

4.2 Follow Lisa on Twitter (1 entry)

5. Follow our Cloth Diaper Foundation blog (1 entry)

6. Follow Roxy's Blog (1 entry)

7. Follow Lisa's Blog (1 entry)

8. Comment on our Facebook Posts (2 entries each comment)

9. Tweet the following on Twitter! (3 entries each post! Link us please!)
Please vote 4 @ljenator and @chobysauce 2 B #Mamavation Moms! They R our @CDFoundationOrg Super Moms! #clothdiapers

The winners will be announced NEXT Monday Night at the LIVE Twitter Party following the hashtag #Mamavation.

Thank you for your support! This really means a lot to us!! Thank you!

Disclaimer: It is well within the regulations of the contest to offer giveaways in exchange for votes and support. Leah, the founder of calls it "being creative!"

My Kinda Rain Giveaway: Tropical Traditions

My super awesome friend who's like family has a really awesome, healthy giveaway on her blog this month! Lori aka @gutimom aka My Kinda Rain

Have you heard of Tropical Traditions? If you haven't, you should check them out! They have really great Virgin Coconut Oil from the Phillipines, and they have SPECTACULAR sales!

For more information about what Lori is giving away, please visit her blog! She has instructions on how to enter to win your own jar!

My Kinda Rain: Tropical Traditions Gold Label Coconut Oil

Tell her I sent ya! :)

oodles of goodmamas Contest Winner!

We have a winner....


In honor of our oodles of goodmamas, your extremely close guess of 960 diapers has won you one Goodmama of your choice!

Please choose from any diaper at and contact us!

The cloth diaper foundation, from January 1 to March 22 (not including the Goodmama diapers - that was after the post!) sent out 974 diapers! That included diapers for 52 recipient babies as well as 350 diapers in the Mystery Boxes.

Thank you for all of the guesses! This was fun for me to see how much you guys "over worked" me in your minds!!

Winner of the Most "Out There" Guess Title
Just a little note to Monique, who had me shipping "well over 12,000"! You're REALLY funny!! Haha! That would be a LOT of packages!! You've won the honor of carrying the title of the most "Out There" Guess! However, if we had 1,000 recipients in 3 months, I would be HONORED to send that many!

The Cloth Diaper Foundation GOODMAMA giveaway!!!

Have you been itching to try one of those amazingly fabulous Goodmama diapers???? Now, here is your chance...

In honor of our oodles of goodmamas, up for grabs is one Goodmama of your choice!

This diaper will be yours to keep! The winner will choose from any diaper at

How do you win??? Well, let me tell you! You win by guessing, without going over (The Price is Right rules, ya know!) how many actual diapers we The Cloth Diaper Foundation sent out to recipients since January 1, 2010!

Winner MUST "follow" and reply HERE on the blog! The winner will be announced on April 1!


Green Mama Benefit Auction

Contact for donations: Julie Ekstrom

The Cloth Diaper Foundation Fundraising Committee is in process of planning The Green Mama Benefit Auction, a fundraiser on Hyena Cart, set to begin on April 22nd—Earth Day.

The Cloth Diaper Foundation, formally Miracle Diapers, gives needy families cloth diapers and assists them with building their own cloth diaper stashes. They helped over 450 babies last year alone!

The auction will celebrate moms and Earth Day and we are looking for both mom and baby products. Would you be willing to donate an item, help a good cause and spread the word about your products and business?

We will be advertising through all of our social networking channels, on our website, through many natural family networks and will also be pairing donated products with a blogger who will write a feature about that item and your business.

Let me know if you have any questions, are interested in donating an item or helping The Cloth Diaper Foundation Auction in any way!

If you are interested in participating please contact Julie Ekstrom before March 26. Our deadline for completion is April 11 if you are planning on making a one of a kind item.

Thank you for your consideration.


Beth Flumignan, Cheeky Diapers
The Cloth Diaper Foundation Committee Chair

PS: We love collaborations—and so does our target audience—therefore if you are a member of a Congo or know other momma/baby retailers who you think would want to help us please forward this invitation on.

Purchase Mystery Boxes

Don't miss out on our Mystery Boxes and please pass the info along to your facebook friends, cloth diaper boards, twitter followers, etc!

For $30, we'll send you ONE Medium Flat Rate Priority Box with as many gently used cloth diapers in the size of your choice as we can stuff in the box! All you do is choose the size, check out, and send the money! We'll choose from the best diapers we have available to make it a TRUE mystery*!

Available Sizes:

(Large up to 35lb, at your own risk.)

We will also guarantee that you will receive at least one NEW, NEVER USED diaper - a $20 value!!

Each person who purchases one of these mystery boxes will be entered into a drawing for a FREE bag of Rockin' Green** Cloth Diaper Detergent!!

*Please note that the mystery boxes have a NO return and NO refund policy, however, these will be your diapers to keep, and you can resell them if you'd like to make your money back. We will do our best to send diapers that are in great to excellent condition, and used diapers may not be returned to manufacturers for refunds or repairs.

**Rockin' Green will be a scent that we have on hand.

Winner of the Monkey Doodlez Wetbag

Congrats. To:
Lindsey M

You've won the
Monkey Doodlez Wet Bag!