Purchase Mystery Boxes

Don't miss out on our Mystery Boxes and please pass the info along to your facebook friends, cloth diaper boards, twitter followers, etc!


For $30, we'll send you ONE Medium Flat Rate Priority Box with as many gently used cloth diapers in the size of your choice as we can stuff in the box! All you do is choose the size, check out, and send the money! We'll choose from the best diapers we have available to make it a TRUE mystery*!

Available Sizes:

(Large up to 35lb, at your own risk.)

We will also guarantee that you will receive at least one NEW, NEVER USED diaper - a $20 value!!

Each person who purchases one of these mystery boxes will be entered into a drawing for a FREE bag of Rockin' Green** Cloth Diaper Detergent!!

*Please note that the mystery boxes have a NO return and NO refund policy, however, these will be your diapers to keep, and you can resell them if you'd like to make your money back. We will do our best to send diapers that are in great to excellent condition, and used diapers may not be returned to manufacturers for refunds or repairs.

**Rockin' Green will be a scent that we have on hand.

2 Responses
  1. Erin Tozier Says:

    Are you guys still doing this? I have tried to go to the links but none of them work..

  2. Social Media Says:

    Social Media Exchange
    Thanks for sharing the idea there would be some apprehensions from segment but i am up for it.